Home Schoolers’ Academy is a “co-op family,” and as such, relies on parent volunteers. In years past, parents were required to work a given number of Mondays simply as “another adult” in each classroom to fulfill their volunteer requirement. Starting in our 2017-18 school year, HSA’s parent volunteering requirement has been modified. Our goal in this modification is to streamline parents’ assistance in order to maximize the help they provide to teachers, the director & HSA on the whole. Parent volunteering may include gathering supplies for projects, making costumes, assisting with end-of-the-day clean-up, heading up a fundraiser, organizing a field trip, and/or helping in a classroom or at a program as per teacher requests.

Parents must volunteer in some capacity. Please review our volunteer opportunity sign-up sheets that will be located in the lobby and determine at least two (2) areas in which you as a parent(s) will volunteer. We are hopeful that you will find a place that fits your schedule and be an active part of the family!