HSA welcomes applications for the 2018-19 school year; however, your child/children may be put on a waiting list depending upon availability.

Classes run from September through May from 12:00 to 4 PM.

Non-refundable application fee through July 31 – $35  per family.
Non-refundable application fee paid on or after August 1 – $45 per family.

STEP 1: PLEASE read: Parent and Student Handbook

STEP 2: Once you have read our handbook & agree to the content therein, proceed to STEP 3.

STEP 3:  please click link below, print & complete your application*:

HSA Enrollment Application

STEP 4: Mail your application fee & your completed application to:
Home Schoolers’ Academy
P.O. Box 407
Springfield, MO 65801

*PLEASE complete all parts of the application form. All applications MUST provide a valid email and/or working phone number (cell or landline) with a working voice mailbox. We MUST be able to communicate with parents/caregivers from the point of receiving your application. Applications without the fee included are considered incomplete and will not be reviewed until fee is remitted.



Tuition is yearly and is based upon the number of children each family enrolls. The number of HSA Mondays per calendar year or per month does not alter the yearly tuition.  Inclement weather and/or other unforeseen emergencies that cancel classes also do not alter the yearly tuition. HSA offers a monthly payment plan that divides up the yearly tuition which can be paid throughout the year in order to ease the financial burden. Families may choose to pay the yearly tuition in full, a partial amount of the yearly tuition or the monthly payment in order to avoid incurring late fees. Tuition MUST be remitted on the first Monday of the month on which HSA meets. Additionally, because our co-op rents space from our host facility & because we are liable for any damage that our co-op may cause,  a building fee is included in the cost:

First child: $45 per month
Second child:  $25 per month
Third child: $15 per month
Fourth child & more: $10 per month, per child

**Prices are subject to change