Our Christian homeschool co-op is designed to complement your child’s home studies with an engaging social environment while focusing on extra-curricular subjects. Most (if not all) course assignments are completed within our school day, Mondays 12:30 to 4 PM. We allow our teachers to use and/or develop the curriculum of their choice and modify that curriculum as they deem appropriate for the needs of each class.

Classes are available for Pre-K through High School and are divided by ages: K4, K5, 6/7 year olds, 8/9 year olds, 10/11 year olds, 12/13 year olds & teen/high school.

Our K4 through 12/13 classes focus on four main areas: art, drama, music & physical education.  Ages 6/7 through 12/13 rotate through each subject area with a class assistant, while K4, K5 and high school students are assigned specific classrooms.

Our high school class currently offers journalism, photography and yearbook. New for this fall, our high school class will include a Creation Science class and a course in Christian decision-making.

Each subject/class is lead by a qualified instructor and assistant.